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I got my car license!!!



Earth clock

Site showing real time info-es like population growth and oil spills!

Earth Clock


(Video) Stupid cleaner wiping automatic door.

HAHAHHAHAHAA... this is super dumb..

Watch it here


Useless cat for sale.


=DD just kidding.. not really selling.. pics courtesy of here.

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William Hung death a hoax.. 3 YEARS AGO!

I came up onto in the midst of my heavy workload to see what intriguing or mentally challenging stories there is and taadaa.. there it is.. the William Hung spoof .. REBORN! i dunno who started it at but whoever did is truly lame~~~~ i mean the news itself is in 2003 and bringing it up again is downright insulting to urself isnt it? i mean.. urgh.. i cant even refute this crap news anymore.. just go read abt it.. whoever that started this nonsense again go read reader's digest or smth and give william hung a break.. he rocks ok? WILLIAM HUNG!! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Ok, some quick updates of myself as Violynn points out this is turning into a news site when it's written clearly on the top "it's a blog". ha ha ha, lame. my study break officially begins and thus im totally going to break. i got 8/54 for my trial exam so that shows im actually a lil bit offtrack on my studies.. but.. hey!! the test deducts marks for wrong answers and it took 7 marks from me, GIVE IT BACK U MARK SUCKING TEST PAPER!!!

And..... hai.. i've got 2 portfolios to rush which involves a lot of designing layouts and endless adjustments by photoshop and Rhino. The last design i had was terrific lo.. but the teacher said it has Islamic characteristics.. I dun really understand Islamic architecture but still sensitivity the ppl arnd u is crucial isnt it.. so i changed it to a not so nice model and wanted to name it 'butterfly parade' but crane said it sounds dumb so the project is officially sad with no name.. :C

Oh.. Oh.. my new model is cool! Pics man!

u see.. the walls can be rotated and there is this curtain wall inside which is eh.. a wall thats actually curtain so in summer u can open the house completely and use the curtain as a wall. The setting is the seaside and the client is Shigeru Ban, so the hse basically integrates his design visions.

The interior view not bad leh! im sure no 1 reading this post anymore from now onwards but anyways,